CRM System Enhancement

CRM System Enhancement


The client has an internal system called GANAG CRM, intended to manage the customer database, hotels, business partners, and hardware equipment, monitor the status of the hardware availability and operability, track the service usage, generate bills, and invoice customers. The company’s internal personnel are using it as a ticketing tool for customer support calls. The system also serves the partner call centers and hotel managers who use it to access the subset of information related to their business. GlobalAirNet AG decided to transfer the system development and maintenance to Intetics in order to increase its quality and availability, and speed up the development of new functionality answering the changes in business processes and requirements. The source code was delivered to the team without any technical or user documentation. As analysis showed, the latest version of the source code was not available, so Intetics had to identify and restore the code consistency according to the actual state of the system deployed into production. In order to control the project budget, the client stipulated that every change request is thoroughly evaluated and an accurate budget estimate is approved prior to actual implementation.


In order to evaluate the system and code consistency, Intetics performed the initial software analysis, examined its business logic and compliance with the present system. The missing and/or inconsistent functionality was fixed and deployed into production. Intetics suggested and implemented procedures of change request management, bug tracking and project collaboration solutions which allowed better control over the development process and made it possible to satisfy budget tracking requirements. All functional requests were thoroughly analyzed and work estimates were negotiated prior to actual development.To increase the software quality we installed the test environment and established acceptance testing, continuous integration and quality assurance processes. A set of test cases and acceptance criteria was developed to ensure the application is robust.

Technologies used

  • J2EE;
  • Servlets;
  • JSP;
  • Tomcat;
  • Hibernate;
  • PostgreSQL;
  • Spring;
  • Struts;
  • Velocity;
  • Log4J;
  • Junit;
  • JavaScript;
  • DHTML.
  • Results

    Intetics team increased the stability and quality of the GANAG CRM system, implemented a set of functional extensions including the flexible security and permission subsystem, roaming partners and products support, extended the billing and invoicing functionality, modified the hardware monitoring service to check the status and availability of hot spots, routers and other network equipment, integrated the solution with external systems for document exchange, marketing information export, and partner companies billing. Since 2007 Intetics has been responsible for maintenance and on-going development of the system. Based on TWiki and Quality Center, the project collaboration workspace was created to improve communication, product management and control over the development process. The workspace is used to manage the project technical and functional documentation, development plans, and deployment instructions.

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