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The Joint project of HTP Belarus and IT community: launch of STEM-centers at schools, Glubokski region

In 2019 HTP Belarus and Belarus IT community announced the launch of STEM-centers at schools across the country. It was reported that HTP plans to open over 100 STEM centers and train 300 teachers to apply the principles of STEM approach.

This February HTP and its residents proudly announced the opening of first STEM-centers. As a resident of HTP, Intetics participated in the ceremony of opening of one the STEM-classes at State education establishment of Lomashy primary school, at Glubokski region.

These engineering centers will become a starting point for the second-grade students to learn the basics of programming, robotics, and designing digital devices based on microcontrollers.

The fact that HTP opens engineering centers for school students is an important step in the development of not only education but also the future economy in the long run. These centers will encourage successful projects of high-level professionals,” says Valentin Kontsevoi, head Intetics office in Minsk.

The STEM-center will become a perfect foundation for the development of students’ skills.

STEM centers Every child is a creator, researcher, and inventor. When a child has the necessary tools, he or she can reach anything.The appearance of new engineering centers at schools will help develop the skills of solving important software and hardware challenges, increase the value of scientific and technical creativity, and prestige of engineering professions among young people.

Intetics celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, for 14 years we reside the IAOP list of the Global Outsourcing companies. Intetics implements top-notch technologies across various industries and business and prototypes ideas from MVP to a full-stack IT solution for startups and enterprises. Interesting projects and our global pool of engineers make those software ideas come alive. This is why we are not just an IT company. Intetics is an IT hub that shares its experience to grow talents, “shares Irina Dubovik, business development adviser, Intetics.

STEM classes

Several years in a row Glubokski region partners with HTP Belarus. The district has become one of the main platforms for launching HTP pilot projects. The district prides itself on employing teachers-innovators who are willing to implement new ideas into the educational process to reach the results of a high-quality level.



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