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Minsk Spark AR Hackathon by Facebook Developer Circles community

Hackathons 2020 season is up and running!

The beginning of this year is marked by a raised number of events, contests and hackathons related to top-notch technologies like AI, AutoML, automatic machine learning, natural language processing, IoT, cloud computing, AR and VR.

Last Saturday Minsk Facebook Developer Circles community supported the wave and held Spark AR Hackathon. The major idea for the hackathon was to create World AR Effect in Spark AR using back camera Instagram to create the effect of augmented reality by using back Instagram camera, like 3D content.

The participants of the hackathon had 6 hours to ramp up or join a team to create the idea and prototype it. At the end of the hackathon day, teams presented their projects to the jury and teams.

The participants have 16 days after the hackathon Spark AR Hackathon wrap up to elaborate more carefully their ideas and submit them to the F8 Hackathon.

Intetics as a Startup tech partner supported the event by running a mentoring session. Irina Dubovik, business development adviser Intetics, CEO at Project Marketing and startup mentor, ran a public speaking workshop to assist the participants in the process of presenting their ideas to the jury and/or investors.

Intetics team participated not only as a mentor but also as a participant. Alex Kardash, Senior QAA engineer joined the independent “5 more minutes” hackathon team to create an Infinity painting (an Instagram mask), creating a spectacular mirror effect.

Lots of great IT events are currently running in Minsk, and it is also superb that the community is full of enthusiastic guys, who want to develop their skills and create cool things. I am one of those like meeting new challenges, this time I joined the 5 more minutes team to create an Instagram mask and present it at Spark AR Hackathon At Facebook Developer Circle. That was great!” says Alex Kardash.

“We have been working for a long time with Facebook Developer Circles community founders Pavel Litvinko and Andrei Bondarenko. It`s a very strong community for engineers and events such as Spark AR Hackathon allows us to share expertise, know talented people and the most important to validate and prototype ideas quickly in startup regime. Together with Intetics, we continue to support and share our tech and business development expertise.” shares Irina Dubovik.

Have an idea and want to prototype it and create an MVP? Contact us, will help you scaleup. 


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