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Safe Harbor Certification

On December 20 2012 Intetics achieved the Safe Harbor Certification Mark created by the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration to identify US companies that adhere to EU privacy protection standards. The Safe Harbor Certification is a self-certification process that each company undertakes individually and is reviewed annually. It distinguishes companies that have met the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework guidelines. Compliance with the Framework allows for a more efficient and problem-free data transfer from the EU to overseas destinations. The ultimate goal of the Safe Harbor Framework is to ensure privacy protection of US and EU citizens, while also making business transactions more efficient.

The Safe Harbor Framework was created in response to the EU implementation of stringent adequacy standards for privacy protection and personal data transfer to non-EU countries. To allow US businesses to prosper in trans-Atlantic transactions and to avoid experiencing interruptions or prosecutions, the US Department of Commerce negotiated the “Safe Harbor Framework” with the European Commission. The Framework is part of the European commission’s Directive on Data protection which ensures that data acquired by certified companies will not be sent to non-EU countries that do not meet the adequacy criteria. For Intetics, acquiring the Certification is a confirmation of the commitment to protect privacy and ensure data security in the international market.