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Let It Slide! Intetics Launched a New Corporate Website With 80 lvl UI/UX

Intetics has been serving clients for over 26 years. The old version of Intetics’ website was designed about a decade ago and, understandably, became somewhat obsolete. With complicated information presentation, misalignment with our corporate brand, and a lack of usability and conversion, we realized that we needed a major update.

Being a software company with multiple Web Awards in the past, too, we developed a totally new website concept with a revolutionary user interface and, hopefully, a “right” user experience.

Dive into Intetics’ treasury of essential software information.

Killer Features:

1. Innovative UX/UI.

While planning our new site, we knew we wanted it to have a WOW factor to boost our brand awareness. To achieve this, we developed several innovative features in design standards:

  • “Don’t think”, “be pleased”, “save time” style.
  • All information is presented in “slides” (i.e., in bite-size, easy, and quick-to-swallow portions).
  • A visitor can get from the home page to relevant information with a maximum of three clicks.
  • No scrollers anywhere, ‘except boring legal stuff’ 🙂
  • We take a multimedia approach.
  • Slide design (more on that in a moment).
  • Uniformed, similarly organized pages.
  • Short texts on pages with long texts in the gated content (WPs, Articles, Case Studies).
  • All forms of navigation: linear, hypertext, menu, keyboard, “breadcrumbs”, chatbot
  • Call to action everywhere.
  • A lot of video content

Our objective? Provide as much information as possible, with minimized searching. No more endless scrolling or wasted time! The President and CEO of Intetics, Boris Kontsevoi, summed it up perfectly:

“Busy Decision Makers don’t need ‘essays’ on a website, as they do not have time. They come for a quick check of suitability of something to their problems. Yet, if we catch their attention and, suddenly, they need more information, we will instantly give it in the form of WPs, Articles and Case Studies.”

2. Slide website? This is crazy!

The new Intetics website is organized by “slide.”  The website and corporate presentation are now not only interchangeable: they are absolutely the same. This might sound unusual, but it has many benefits, including:

  • A consolidated marketing message.
  • Easy maintenance of all marketing artifacts and info.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit.
  • We are different.
  • Usual “routine” long texts and scrollers are replaced by “tempo”.
  • Off-line presentations.

So, how will a slide-based site work? – Thanks to the innovative Navigation principles Intetics implemented:

  • You can read the entire website in a linear, sequential manner. Just press the “Next” button to get to the next slide.
  • Navigation can also be achieved via the keyboard instead of just the mouse.
  • The traditional hypertext is back: all terms used are hyperlinked to respective information.
  • “Breadcrumbs” are available to make sure visitors know where they are in the navigation.
  • A chatbot, taking the form of a geek boy named Into, can always help answer visitors’ questions and navigate them directly to required information.  
  • A long, very detailed Menu provides the quickest way to understand what’s available and find the desired information. It also advertises what’s available: i.e., items that would not be otherwise noticed or searched by a visitor.
  • Relevant gated content is at visitors’ fingertips for straight lead generation and conversion.

3. Website Sections.

  • Services: Here, we present our core services for enterprises: custom software development, remote in-sourcing teams, All-Things-Digital solutions, and TETRA assessments.
  • Case Studies and Impacts – together with our clients, we make more than software – we make an Impact. Strong expertise is based on practice. Be inspired or learn more from our launched projects portfolio and customer reviews.
  • Competences: What makes us equipped to deliver custom-made solutions to you? Dive into our experience in dozens of competencies, including Big Data, Cloud, IoT, and UI/UX.
  • Industries: Get real examples and statistics for each industry, in which we have experience developing solutions for you.
  • Solutions: Access potential solutions for your business with all needed components here – from telemedicine and virtual assistants to POIs and information security.
  • Methodology: Choose flexible business service models, learn the team building technology, and get insight into other factors of the world-class Intetics methodology.
  • Insights: Get more expertise from tech experts and market trends collected for you: study the vocabulary of emerging technologies, pore through White Papers, or peruse our Forbes Technology Council Insights from our Ceo and President. You can find a plethora of resources here.
  • Company: Interested in learning more about our company? Head here to learn about Intetics’ core values, history, certifications, testimonials, and more.
  • A little surprise – just say HOLO and discover a hologram 😊
  • Careers: Want to work for Intetics? Join a team that is at the cutting-edge of the IT industry! Learn about global vacancies, including positions in Ukraine and remote jobs.
  • Get Started: Contact us here! We have created a brief contact form, enabling website users to conveniently get in touch.

4.The Remote In-Sourcing® Development Team. Intetics works the way provided to customers.

For the website development, Intetics applied the same technology, Remote In-Sourcing®, which it uses to serve the clients.

Irina Dubovik, Digital Marketing Director and PM of the project:

“An idea costs nothing, the only thing that matters – the idea`s realization. Our core model Remote In-Sourcing® allowed us to create a Dream Team – the key success factor.  The concept of our website is unique, so we needed to use only high-level expertise and the latest approaches in all directions: Project management, Cost-Effective Business Model, UX/UI, Digital Marketing, Content, SEO, Software Development, Hosting, Testing, Chatbot. The remote, experts team was built from strongest experts to meet our innovative idea to be launched, and was seamlessly integrated with our in-house staff.”

Ready… Set… Launch!

We welcome everyone to dive into Intetics’ world of modern technologies presented through an innovative website with a unique UX/UI design. We hope you will enjoy it!

We would very much appreciate your advice because, after this experiment, we’ll release Version 2.0 to achieve the very best and exciting customer experience.

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