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Intetics Joins the Anti-Corruption Initiative of the United Nations

Intetics Inc. signed the Anti-Corruption Call to Action Letter for the UN.

The UN, “The Call to Action was put forth as an appeal by the private sector to Governments to promote anti-corruption measures and to implement policies that will establish systems of good governance. The Call to Action urged Governments to underscore anti-corruption and good governance as fundamental pillars of a sustainable and inclusive global economy and include them as important tenets of the now-adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Call to Action was launched in 2014 and continued its advocacy efforts until the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. Over 250 companies and investors worldwide have signed on to the Anti-Corruption Call to Action”.

Intetics Inc., led by its President & CEO Boris Kontsevoi, has joined the Call to Action.

The letter says, “By signing the Call to Action, we ask Governments to:

  1. Fully implement and enforce the tenets of the UN Convention against Corruption by strengthening anti-corruption policies, laws, and enforcement mechanisms to create a level playing field and incentivize good behavior;
  2. Make a commitment to reduce corruption risks from procurement and contract processes of large-scale projects that are designed to support sustainable development;
  3. Commit to engaging in competitive and transparent procurement processes through public advertising of all Government procurement cases;
  4. Achieve greater transparency in relation to revenues received by Governments from private sector companies;
  5. Support corporate efforts to enhance anti-corruption implementation, corporate governance, innovative collective action, and public-private partnership initiatives”.

This Anti-Corruption Call to Action is just one of many steps in the combat against bribery worldwide. But this is an important and noticeable one as it lets other companies see that fighting corruption is a matter of everyone.

If you want to join the Anti-Corruption Call to Action, visit the UN website by the link:

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