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Intetics contributes to Wikipedia’s mission of spreading knowledge

On January 15th 2016, Wikipedia turned 15 years old. The information resource has become invaluable across the world. Its up-to-date encyclopedia content is created by volunteers in more than 277 national languages. It currently contains a total of 30 million articles on virtually every topic imaginable, out of which over 5 million are in English.

Intetics is a proud supporter of Wikimedia Foundation, the non-for-profit organization that ensures its flagship product, Wikipedia, is well-maintained and ad free. In addition to Wikipedia, the Wikimedia family of products also includes Wikimedia Commons, which contains over 30 million freely usable media files.

Wikipedia’s 15th birthday marks a time when 28% of the Earth’s population has never known a world without Wikipedia. Intetics has supported Wikimedia for many years. We are happy to stand behind an online space that helps millions of people learn and share knowledge.

Intetics supports Wikipedia

To learn more about Wikipedia’s 15th anniversary, read how it changes people’s lives, and share your own stories please visit