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June 11, 2015 White Papers

Ukraine is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations for European outsourcing. What makes Ukraine such an attractive nearshoring destination? This white paper introduces the Ukrainian IT industry, including its history, education and IT talent availability, and the cost efficiency it provides to EU companies. The brochure shows additional reasons for the success of Ukrainian IT outsourcing, such as IT industry government support, favorable location for frequent business travel, as well as the western mentality of Ukrainian software developers. Discover IT Ukraine here.

Ukraine: Longstanding History of Technology Excellence

Ukraine has a rich history of scientific and technological advancements, allowing the country to develop one of the most dynamic IT outsourcing markets in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is now among the Top 10 outsourcing destinations in the world. It is ranked 4th for the highest number of certified IT professionals worldwide, with 16,000 IT graduates annually. It is for this reason that Intetics has two development centers in Ukraine – in Kyiv and Kharkov. Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is considered to be among the 25 safest cities for offshore/near shore services. Its second largest city, Kharkov, has been at the center of scientific and technological innovation for over sixty years. Outsourcing software development to Ukraine creates considerable cost savings, without losing the quality or control of your products.

Access to IT Talent (Education)

Many Ukrainian universities offer distinguished software development and engineering programs. The quality of education programs and the technical expertise the students are expected to attain has landed universities such as the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University among the top 10 programming universities worldwide based on international competitions such as the TopCoder challenge. The ample rate of ICT graduates every year ensures a rich and talented labor pool for outsourcing companies specializing in software and application development services, with about 5,000 new graduates joining the industry annually.

Cost Savings without Losing Innovation

Compared to software development companies in EU and North America, Ukraine’s IT service providers offer competitive pricing paired with excellent technical expertise and innovation. Overall, the wage difference allows Western clients to save 40-60% on in-house development costs.

Favorable Location

Most outsourcing cities in Ukraine are conveniently located and are easily reachable from many EU cities. It takes on average 3 hours to fly from most European cities, and about 8 hours to fly from USA’s East Coast. Ukraine is located in the Eastern European Timezone (UTC+2). The time difference is easily manageable and the working hours overlap with many North American companies.

Cultural Proximity and Western Mentality

Ukraine has a strong Western-oriented mentality, due to its geographic location, but also because of its cultural ties and business values. Cultural proximity makes it easier for many foreign companies to operate within Ukraine and to directly communicate with Ukrainian software developers and outsourcing service providers. Due to similar business values, it is easier for foreign companies to manage offshore contracts, which in turn allows for better performance and, ultimately, successful project results.

Many Ukrainian companies aim to develop business culture that is similar to companies in the West. They aim to provide the level of service on par with their Western counterparts, and use latest
methodologies, such as Agile, to deliver better results with flexible development processes.

Why Ukraine?

  • Large pool of highly-skilled specialists and top-notch technology talent
  • Significantly lower costs, including labor costs
  • Mature IT / BPO market that continues to develop rapidly
  • Strong educational system, large number of universities, scientific schools and R&D centers
  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Economic and political transformation oriented towards Western business models
  • Cultural and geographical proximity to Western Europe

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