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TETRA™ Gets Approvement by the Tech Community of TechDebt2019 Conference

The beginning of the summer season has become exclusively brilliant for Intetics. TETRA™ was presented to the scientific community of leading IT industry researchers and practitioners at the Second International Conference on Technical Debt – TechDebt 2019 – and received the round of applause.

The second edition of the TechDebt Conference this year was held jointly with ICSE 2019 in Montreal, Canada, which made it even more outstanding. Together these events open the exchange of ideas, the freedom of thought and expression

Technical debt describes a universal software development phenomenon: design or implementation constructs that are expedient in the short term but set up a technical context that can make future changes more costly or impossible. Software developers and managers increasingly use the concept to communicate key tradeoffs related to release and quality issues.

The TechDebt conference itself evolved from the Managing Technical Debt Workshop series for a week-long Dagstuhl Seminar on Managing Technical Debt in Software Engineering launched back in 2010. The workshops gathered practitioners and researchers to discuss issues related to technical debt and share emerging practices used in software development organizations. To accelerate progress, an expanded two-day working conference format became essential.

Being a scientific conference, TechDebt brings together the peers of the industry to share their experiences and best practices via the submission of papers. The submissions are divided into Main Track with three categories:

  • Research Papers: describing innovative and significant original research in the field.
  • Experience Papers: describing the industrial experience, case studies, challenges, problems, and solutions.
  • Short Papers: position and future trend papers describing ongoing research or new results.

And Tools track where organizations and individuals are invited to showcase new techniques, methods, and tools that can aid practitioners and decision-makers in critical tasks.

The conference organizing committee includes the most prominent representatives of the tech community. Therefore the papers go through several review rounds run by the committee. Only 10% of all sent papers get accepted for the conference. The authors of the accepted papers get the opportunity to present their ideas at the conference personally. Additionally to that, these submissions are published as part of the ICSE co-located events proceedings.

Intetics’s authors (Boris Kontsevoi, Elizabeth Soroka(Shydlovich), Sergey Terekhov) submitted the paper to the tools track to share our experience about technical debt reduction platform. The detailed research and well-ground metrics became our advantage and helped us to successfully go through all rounds and be accepted to the conference.

Our paper, titled TETRA, as a set of techniques and tools for calculating technical debt principal and interest, covers the company’s proprietary approach to the assessment of software product quality and measurement of technical debt. In the paper, the authors state that the software product quality is the amount of various technical debts embedded into the product and delivered to end-users. Similar to the fact that any debt can be paid, the software product quality can be efficiently managed and measured by a set of techniques, parameters, and dimensions. The authors share the details of the company proprietary approach to technical debt management done with the help of the Technical DebT Reduction plAtform, TETRA. They share the measurement parameters, tools and major dimension for the assessment.

The TETRA paper was presented at the conference by Intetics President and CEO, Boris Kontsevoi, and Intetics COO Serge Stepantsov. The presentation received a round of applause and approvement of the international technology community.

We would like to thank the organizing committee for the opportunity to share our ideas, approach, and experience. We greatly appreciate this!

Download the TETRA, as a set of techniques and tools for calculating technical debt principal and interest to learn more.

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