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President’s Message

Intetics President and CEO Boris

Nowadays, every single industry is influenced by globalization, light-speed technological changes, and constant growth of data and its complexity. Each day questions our ability to make the best and most efficient use of time and available human, financial and material resources.

Whether you need software engineering and testing for sophisticated business systems, data analytics solutions, or mobile applications, Intetics can help you tackle many challenges, including severe shortage of skilled IT resources. While combining access to Eastern European IT talent with on-site professional support, Intetics organizes efficient distributed software development teams, allowing clients to retain full control over their projects as if they were done completely in-house, without any traditional outsourcing risks.

Founded in 1995, Intetics (a synergy of three words: Internet, Technology, and Ethics) has relentlessly been pursuing innovation, continuous improvement of service levels, and satisfaction of the most demanding clients.

Our main landmarks are: first-generation Web-systems developed in the 1990s, introduction of the Offshore Dedicated Team® concept in 2004 (a novel delivery model at that time), opening of the Offshore Production Center for a large digital mapping company in 2009 (with more than a hundred people employed at the moment), implementation of the Remote In-Sourcing® concept in 2011 (that allows clients to have their own efficient distributed development teams) and, of course, availability of local consulting practice to serve clients in their native language and familiar environment. This year – Intetics opened a new office in Tokyo, Japan, moving closer to its clients.

While recognizing the competitive landscape of technology providers, we work hard to deliver best-in-class services and impact business solutions. We excel at finding and retaining best available talent, while helping our staff grow, both professionally and personally. This is why Intetics has earned a number of notable certifications, accolades, recognitions, and achievements. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, a Microsoft and Oracle Gold Partner, a #1 Outsourcing Rising Star, ranked by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, and have also been selected among the Top 100 Global Service Providers for the 7th year in a row.

We aim to help various businesses gain all the benefits of modern globalization by realizing their most challenging technology initiatives to benefit their customers, stakeholders and communities they serve. Intetics team and I will be honored to be a trusted partner of yours.


Boris Kontsevoi,
President and CEO

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