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Intetics celebrates its 20th birthday with pets, coffee, and Ping Kong [Infographic]

On January 27th 2015, Intetics Co. celebrated its twentieth birthday and it’s place as one of the world’s best software development companies. To commemorate this milestone achievement, the Intetics team decided to critically evaluate its culture with a rigorous survey of its employees and their habits. The results of the 450 person study were astounding.

Infographic at the bottom of page.


The investigation concluded that the Intetics team is a very passionate, intelligent and athletic group of people. For example, there are 680 monthly ping pong matches that occur at Intetics offices. Occasionally, Ping Kong plays too.

But ping pong isn’t the only popular sport, as pool and kicker (also known as foosball, table soccer, table football or baby-foot – wiki) tables get quite a bit of action throughout the year, with 85,384 kicker goals and 3,912 hours spent playing pool.

Office space

Although not among the top three office sports, hockey also received a notable mention in the survey results (and not strictly because Belarus just held an international hockey championship for which we created an app).

The mention of hockey came in the form of measuring the NHL ice rink, which happens to be almost the same size, in square meters, as the Intetics Bel office in Minsk. The combined size of the Intetics development centers in Ukraine are actually twice that size.

Liquid consumption

The study also found that the Intetics team drinks 61,740 liters of coffee and tea per year. And yes, this volume of liquids is equivalent to the amount of fuel needed by an Airbus A320 on its return flight from Minsk to Chicago (so travel to Minsk with no fear!). The third most popular liquid consumed is milk.

Animal ownership

Another shocking result of the survey was the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of Intetics employees are cat people. Other animals, of course, do exist as pets, but cat ownership exceeds that of any other animal by almost 50%.

Areas of expertise

The majority of the team develops software or conducts GIS and QA-related activities every day, with Java, .NET, and PHP being some of the most popular technologies among our professionals.


In all, the examination of Intetics culture concluded that we are a very diverse group of highly educated and young people, speaking 18 languages and working with clients from over 30 countries on all inhabited continents.

See the results for yourself in the infographic below. (Click to enlarge)

Intetics celebrates 20 years of software product development with team infographic

20 Years of Passionate Software Development at Intetics

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