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Intetics, a Software Development Company with roots in Eastern Europe, turns 20

In January 1995, five software engineers got together in Minsk, Belarus and started writing software. They had one black and white laptop computer (yes, with a track-ball), and they wrote programs for their insurance clients in USA under the name Client-Server Programs.

There was still no Internet in the post-Soviet Republic, and the engineers had to dial a host in Germany in order to access the web (which perhaps sounds just as crazy then as it does now, though for different reasons).

Now, twenty years later, the group of five has grown to a global company of over 450, and the old black and white laptop has been substituted for bigger (or smaller) and brighter machines.

Intetics now spans 8 offices across the globe: from Chicago, to Dusseldorf, to Minsk, Kyiv and Kharkiv, to Tokyo.

Brief History

Software development on a 1995 machine

Intetics has had its headquarters in three different locations (first Minsk, then Prague, then Chicago). It has developed software for over 300 clients in more than 30 countries. It won over 40 awards, some of which have been consecutive recognitions as world’s best outsourcing provider, largest software company, best global services firm, fastest growing private business in the US, and even the best place to work. One of the original five engineers, Boris Kontsevoi, the president and founder, remains a core part of the management team today.

Through the years, the company went through many transitions, especially in the services it provided as technologies and clients’ needs changed.

For the first four years the company primarily created desktop applications based on their clients specifications. With the universal growth of the Internet, the company began to build web applications and design web pages.

As the customer base grew, it became apparent that it was imperative to offer a more personalized approach. This was the beginning of transformation for Intetics, and even for the outsourcing industry as a whole.

Based on the idea of more personal service that focuses on client’s goals, Intetics developed two successful business models: Offshore Development Team and Remote In-Sourcing. Today, the company creates and operates distributed technology teams for software product development, data processing, systems integration and quality assurance that can tackle virtually any software challenge.

Visit our History page for the complete story of how our company got to where it is today.

Excellence in Software Development

Intetics on NASDAQ Market Tower for 20 years of quality software development.

It’s a great honor to celebrate the 20th anniversary for any company, but especially for a company that does business in a fast-paced industry such as Information Technology. The average life expectancy of a company of any size is about 12.5 years (according to Stratix Group study) and even shorter in the technology sector. Intetics has beaten the average by almost 8 years due to its ability to deliver dependable software development services and flexibility to adapt to the software and technology changes that clients demand.

Intetics is proud to celebrate its 20th birthday, and would like to say a big Thank You! to everyone who made the last twenty years possible. The black and white laptop used to write first code may be lost, but the spirit and desire to make great software and provide exceptional service is present at Intetics more than ever.

Here is to many more years to come!

Laptop image courtesy of Michael Walsh via Flickr. Size and background modified, markers removed.

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