Intetics at the 2nd Manufacturers & IT Forum in Frankfurt

In the mid-February, Frankfurt hosted the 2nd Manufacturers & IT Forum. The forum informed German manufacturers about production and IT solutions in Eastern Europe. Intetics has become the sponsor of the event, while Intetics VP Business Development, Oleg Ridchenko shared with the participants the expert’s view on the potential of Easter Europe in development of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Mr. Ridchenko shared which of the Industry 4.0 components (Autonomous Robots, System Integration, Simulation, Internet of Things, Additive Manufacturing, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality, Big Data, AI/Machine Learning) can be efficiently developed in Eastern Europe (Belarus Ukraine and Russia) based on Intetics experience.

This year the Forum gathered numerous experts in such domains of IT industry like economic forecasting, human resource management, localization legislation, taxation, profit and loss optimization, and many more.

The participants mentioned that the 2nd forum has become the future-oriented conference for everyone involved in combining global manufacturing and IT solutions for mutual benefit.

The presentations of the experts can view and downloaded here.

If you want to get more details on Industry 4.0 solutions, drop us a note and we’ll contact you.



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