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CV magazine nominates Intetics for the 2018 Technology Innovator Award.

Corporate Vision magazine has nominated Intetics for the 2018 Technology Innovator Award. The magazine is a monthly source of latest industry trends and executive thought-leadership. It also strives to expose the best and brightest executives and companies in their industry.

Celebrating its fourth year, the Technology Innovator Awards return in 2018 to celebrate the talented individuals, teams and firms that provide some of the best, and most innovative, products and services in the industry.

The explosion of digital technology in the recent years has increased the need for technology products and services dramatically. Enterprises in every industry sector rely upon technology to facilitate their own growth, as such, opportunities for technology firms continue to expand considerably.

With the constant and rapid growth of the technology market, the demands on firms to be innovative in order to adapt and survive, are high. CV magazine award will ensure that it is the Technology companies, who are at the forefront of innovation to meet the needs of the consumer and stand ahead of the competition.

Two years ago Intetics was already awarded the Software and Technology Innovation award. The award recipients are chosen based on merit. To identify winners, votes from industry partners are gathered first, followed by rigorous in-house research conducted by industry insiders and corporate specialists. Each nominee is carefully evaluated based on their 12-month performance, achievements in contrast to their competition, and commitment to innovation.

The results of 2018 voting will be announced in May. Hope 2018 will become a winning year for Intetics. Stay tuned for the updates.


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