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Intetics CEO Boris Kontsevoi and CTO Sergey Kizyan are visiting Davos during World Economic Forum

Every year and since 1971, the World Economic Forum (WEF) takes place in Davos involving around 3,000 internationally known leading economists, politicians and businessmen and over 40 heads of state, thus constituting a perfect platform for networking and meeting.

Just as the previous year, Intetics joins the global community and influential thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs and business people. This year our President and CEO Boris Kontsevoi, and CTO Sergey Kizyan partner will discover most promising Europe’s trends, directions, movements and tendencies, as a partner of Caspian Week platform.

If you are planning to visit Davos those days, let’s schedule a time for a fruitful discussion there! Click the link to book the meeting with Boris Kontsevoi or Sergey Kizyan.

“Really looking forward to meeting business and technology leaders in Davos this January! Very excited to have a possibility to discuss new technologies with World’s influencers and present them Intetics’ innovations and achievements. We’ll see how announced business models will address new and emerging challenges, risks and opportunities,” says Boris Kontsevoi, President and CEO Intetics Inc.

This year  discussions will focus on how to implement holistic solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the areas of environmental protection as well as other current topics. Caspian Week will present and discuss successful business models addressing new and emerging challenges, risks and opportunities connected to climate change, digital technologies, new regulations requirements, and developments in international relations.

About Caspian Week

Davos Caspian week is a platform for global ideas, a meeting point of visionaries, market leaders and experts. Caspian Week has three aims: promoting the interaction between the Caspian Region and the world; improving cultural, political, business and scientific relations and introducing and implementing innovations and new technologies to the Caspian Region. For the third year, the conference will be take place in the heart of picturesque Davos from 21st to 25th of January 2019.

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