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Intetics, an Award-Winning Technology Powerhouse, Partners With the GSA To Deliver a New Wave of Conferencing and Member Communication Technology

Intetics is a leading IT outsourcing provider with a global presence, and it is a Tech partner of the GSA’s Festival of Sourcing 2022. The company’s executives will share their expertise on technology innovations, trends, and best practices of mobile app development and team formation.

As a long-term partner and an award-winner of the GSA, Intetics stays up-to-date on best sourcing practices, enabling them to stay highly competitive in the sourcing industry and to provide cutting-edge custom software solutions. Intetics’ proprietary team formation models, including Remote In-Sourcing® and Offshore Dedicated Teams®, have made waves across the world, as has their TETRA™ technical debt assessment. It’s more than just software development it`s all about support, collaboration, and making the industry a better place for all parties: buyers and suppliers.


“Free, convenient access to clear and concise industry trends is a significant industry driver. To make an impact in the IT industry, Intetics keeps sharing its expertise to help the sourcing industry thrive. This year, we have created a Vocabulary of Emerging Technologies. It covers 1000+ IT trends and definitions from A to Z, so you can easily find a brief explanation of all emerging technologies for your analysis and reference. Besides, we are happy to collaborate with market leaders and GSA for the sake of further technological advancements. On behalf of the Intetics team, I’d like to congratulate the GSA on reaching their 35th anniversary: it’s a landmark achievement that attests to the quality of their methodologies,”

says Boris Kontsevoi, CEO and President of Intetics.

Thanks to 27+ years of successful practices in the sourcing industry, including the use of the Predictive Software Engineering framework, Intetics has become a technological partner of the GSA Festival of Sourcing 2022 and is developing a mobile application for the event. It will allow attendees to quickly and easily get all the required information about the daily agenda, schedule, speakers, partners, and venue. Besides, users can check useful information and reach the help desk for the quick support and a top-notch customer experience. In order to not miss out on important talks, you can set up notifications.

Intetics is excited to partner with the GSA, which provides members with exclusive benefits, we welcome you to meet to share insights and reliable solutions for your challenges.

Take this opportunity to discuss your product or project with the Intetics experts’ team: Boris Kontsevoi, Ceo and President will take part in the Technology Panel on Day 2 of the Festival of Sourcing. And Irina Dubovik, Digital Marketing Director of Intetics, will speak in the case-study-led platform on Day 2. In this presentation, attendees will learn about the best team formation solutions, how to transition from the early phases to a full-fledged enterprise team, and latest technology trends.