Let’s meet to celebrate the 35th anniversary of GSA UK! The Festival of Sourcing 2022 will take place 5-6 July at Ravens Ait Island, Kingston upon Thames, UK. Join thousands of strategic sourcing experts at this event, setting the voice and vision for the industry’s future and delivering global technology & business services.

Intetics is excited to partner with the GSA, which provides members with exclusive benefits, we welcome you to meet to share insights and reliable solutions for your challenges.

Take this opportunity to discuss your product or project with the Intetics experts’ team:

  • Boris Kontsevoi, Ceo and President will take part in the Technology Panel on Day 2 of the Festival of Sourcing.
  • Irina Dubovik, Digital Marketing Director of Intetics, will speak in the case-study-led platform on Day 2. In this presentation, attendees will learn about the best Team Formation solutions, how to transition from the early phases to a full-fledged enterprise team, and the latest technology trends.

Find the complete event schedule here.

Let`s meet
Tuesday, Jul 5-6, 2022
09:15 BST

Intetics Team
Boris Kontsevoi

Ceo and President

Irina Dubovik

Digital Marketing Director