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Is IoT on Your Radar? The Application of IoT and ML in Agriculture.

“Did you know that Agriculture, one of the most conservative sectors, could soon be digitalized and transformed? Smart and precision farming is not the future anymore – it’s today’s reality.”

The Global Suppliers Association (GSA) hosted a SourcingTech event on September 15th. Maksim Evsukov, Head of GeoSoftware and AI Solutions at Intetics’s Global Vision and Innovations, presented insights on IoT and ML application in Agriculture.

Let’s dive into the event and see the key features which were announced on the day.

Issues farmers face, such as a lack of HR resources and expertise, a lack of data collection for crop and weed analysis, a lack of time to spray plant protection products, and more, can now be solved with IoT solutions.

The software solution collects data from ground sensors that are physically installed in the fields.  They automatically analyze the field using 16 different parameters and provide analytics to ensure efficient crop planning.

Drones can be used to get a complete picture of what is happening in fields.

Now a farmer can see his entire field from a bird’s eye view.

  • 30% Increase in yield
  • Decreased treatment costs
  • May work when the soil is too wet and even at night
  • Automated processes
  • Detect pests and diseases
  • Crop predictions
  • Precise crop spraying with plant protection products
  • Easy data access at any time and on any device

Just consider the real-world economic benefits of this technology!

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Authoritative marketing research agencies assume the global market for precision agricultural solutions will reach 3.7 billion by 2025.

By implementing IoT and ML applications, farmers and agricultural companies can reduce:Time spent for analysis and decision making up to 280% 

  • Transportation costs up to 40% 
  • Usage of fertilizers, pesticides, and consumables by up  to 42% 
  • Human effort up to 50% 
  • Crop losses through disease and adverse weather  by up to 23% 
  • Disease detection and elimination time by up to 74% 

And at the same time, clients in the agricultural sector can increase:

  • Cost savings by up to 41% 
  • Crop yield by up to 31% 
  • Crop prediction by up to 58% 
  • Crop quality by up to 16%

All of the benefits mentioned above are considered elements of smart farming. This refers to the whole process, from data collection, building crop analytics systems, to offering the right decisions on which crop to plant, when, and where. Also, data assist in deciding which field to work in to gain the highest and most qualitative yield with the lowest costs.

Are you working on a UAV hardware project?

Are you a progressive agricultural company or a traditional contractor who wants to progress to the next level of doing business?

We can provide you with a boost by delivering the best IoT software solution for your requirements.

To get more details, study the presentation in more depth or contact us.

Synergy begins with Intetics!

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