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How can I be sure my data won’t get in the wrong hands? Will I own all of the source code?

Data security and intellectual property (IP) protection are being ensured by legal, process and physical means. When selecting a vendor it’s worth to check how they implement all those 3 items and, which is also very important, to check vendors’ reputation.

For example, Intetics’s approach  to data and IP protection is very serious and consists of the following:

  • Legal agreements:
    • between Intetics USA and a Client, backed by Professional Liability Insurance maintained by Intetics;
    • between Intetics and its employees;
    • between a Client and its Intetics team members, if desired.
  • ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System.
  • US-EU Safe Harbor certification.
  • Sophisticated technical infrastructure with options of
    • separated LAN segment,
    • physically secured office,
    • absence of technical means of copying,
    • remote work environment (VPN to Client network).
  • Special technical process for masquerading sensitive data.
  • No a single fact of data leakage or IP infringement in Intetics (since 1995).

So Intetics’s Clients own their source code, data and other Intellectual Property, and they can be sure its all safe with Intetics.

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