Startup Technology: Checklist for Success

March 31, 2016 White Papers

Why do startups fail? Aside from obvious reasons, such as lack of funding or poor product design, one of the main explanations for startup failure is impatience and having a short-term rather than long-term view. Startup Technology Checklist

All successful companies start with a single idea. That idea has the potential to grow into something big. The problem here is that so many startups are obsessed with becoming the next “big” thing…the next Facebook, the next Uber, the next Airbnb. And they want to do it as quickly as possible.

Fast and furious development oftentimes leads to failure. Building a sustainable technology system that ensures efficiency and data security in the long run takes a lot of time and careful planning. The key to success is to get the technology right the first time, whether it’s the actual product or the back-office administration setup. Delivering a product to market quickly may save time and money initially, but it can cost a company its reputation if it doesn’t work properly and consumer trust is lost.

So, where do you start when considering the development process? What steps can you take to ensure the highest level of success?

That’s what we cover in this white paper.

What’s Inside?

  • 5 vital things every startup technology strategy must have
  • How to select the ideal technology partner
  • Do’s & Don’ts of working with a technology partner
  • BONUS: How to understand what your customers want out of your product

In short, startups must get their technology right, but they also need to remain flexible. For many (especially non-technical startups), finding a tech partner is the ideal solution.

Few startups are able to develop sustainable information systems and technological expertise to maintain their systems from the outset. As a result, it is often better to rely on advisors or partners to get the technology right. In order to do that, startup founders need to understand what to look for in a potential technology partner. As the old saying goes: measure twice, cut once. Same applies for your technology partner search.

Download the entire checklist here, along with a bonus worksheet “Understanding What Your Customers Want with Kano Analysis.”

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