Thank you for your interest in Intetics Lab!

We regret to inform you that currently we are not actively reviewing applications to InteticsLab.

Expected date of the next course: September 2020

Take your chance next time. We are waiting for you!

Position: Junior Full stack developer/ Junior Front-end developer

City: Minsk

Expected start dates: October 1, 2019

Duration: 1 month

Deadline for applications: September 24, 2019

Cost: Free

Technologies: Python, .NET and JavaScript

Do you want to get experience on real projects and start your IT career at international company? We have something for you to offer!

About InteticsLab

InteticsLab is an intensive training course consisting of a small theoretical and extensive practical educational curriculum for 3-4 year students of technical Universities and graduates of IT courses.

Real practitioners, project managers and developers from Intetics team, will introduce you to the fundamentals of Python, .NET and JavaScript.

Successful InteticsLab graduates are invited to join Intetics team upon completion of the training course.


  • Be a final-year University student of technical or engineering faculty (Graduates of IT courses are also invited to apply);
  • Intermediate English;
  • Ability to attend 4-6 hour sessions at the Intetics office (Minsk) Monday-Friday starting October 2019;
  • Ability to work full-time (40-hours working week) after completion;
  • Basic programming skills in OOP language(s) will be a plus.

We do not need any previous working experience in IT.

How To Apply?

  • Download the InteticsLab2019TestTask.pdf, complete it;
  • Fill in the form;
  • Pass the telephone interview;
  • Get the invitation to the second interview at our office;
  • Pass the competitive selection and become the trainee of InteticsLab.

About InteticsLab curriculum:

This course is an introduction to software engineering, mainly (but not limited to) Python and .Net, JavaScript technologies. The course is designed for students with programming experience but if you have none and are motivated - you will do fine.

During the course you will learn the fundamentals and main concepts of software development processes including:

  • application engineering design (Python, .NET and JavaScript)
  • deployment nuances (development and production environments)
  • version control and time tracking (git/svn, JIRA/Trello, etc.)
  • pitfalls of development process (something special from our experience)

So, welcome!