Digital Mapping Internship

Intetics is a leading global technology company with offices in 6 countries, - the US, Germany, the UK, Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine. We are focused on providing custom software application development, distributed professional teams management, software product quality assessment, and designing “all-things-digital” solutions built with GIS/UAV/Location-based AI/ML and IoT technologies.

Happy to announce an internship opportunity for junior-level staff at Intetics!

Our 7-month Digital Mapping Internship program provides an exciting and rewarding experience for students interested to start a career in IT. Find below some quick facts on this internship opportunity at Intetics:

Program name: Digital Mapping Internship

Location: Kharkiv office based, near ‘23 August’ metro station

Weekly input: 50 hours, flexible schedule

Duration: June – December, 2019

Compensation: Сompetitive

Soft skills required: Perseverance, attention to details, ambitions to start a career in IT

Experience required: NONE if an applicant shows a strong desire and capabilities to learn fast

Typical assignments will consist of: based on the data received from media files, to add attributes’ descriptions within a project similar to Google Maps. Intetics experts will provide you with all the training necessary for our interns to be happy and successful.

Interested how to proceed? Here’s our easy-to-apply three-step hiring process:

How To Apply?

  • Send us your CV (resume).
  • Get an invitation to an interview with us, during which we'll guide you through the testing step.
  • Start your two-week training (we pay you to learn from us).

Start your IT career with Intetics!

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