Field Data

Fresh real-world data is critical to create and keep up-to-date maps and navigational products, for road infrastructure maintenance, urban planning and many other tasks.
Intetics does data collection services, providing custom, real-world data for top-tier vendors for automotive OEMs.


Services you can get:

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    Field data collection

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    Data analysis and processing

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    Solutions based on real-world data

Data you can get:

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    Photos (by single or panoramic camera)

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    Video with geolocation reference

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    Mobile LiDAR

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    POI Data

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    Any specific Data for ML or AI

Data collection approaches

  • In-house specialists

    Experienced, highly qualified, and well-coordinated teams ready to arrive anywhere in the world and collect the data you need.

    Our in-house team available almost immediately, they are 30% more productive compared to remotely hired contractors and do not require additional training to start. It all makes them highly cost effective.

  • Developed network of trusted partners across the globe

    Remotely trained, equipped and thoroughly managed. Local teams perform data collection on the ground in their regions and are available across the world.

    Effective in case of small scope of work in a region of interest or when there is no way to send in-house teams to the region (restrictions caused by pandemic, etc.).

Data collection approaches
  • Projects 32 Performed
  • Surveyed 676k Kilometres
  • Days 1051 In travel
  • Data 92Tb Collected

How We Manage the Process:

Field Data Collection

Field Data Collection
icon_ok Team
icon_ok Availability necessary instruction
icon_ok Provision of
icon_ok Appropriate equipment provision
icon_ok Constant crews support
icon_ok Daily quality control of the collected data
icon_ok Rapid response in case of any quality issues
icon_ok Weekly status reports for the client

What results you get:

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    Get a ground-level information about businesses and details about addresses, entrances, and building structure.

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    Street view

    Virtual “look around” in streets and see details that are only visible on the ground.

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    Map & Navigation

    Improve navigation and enhance your map using the data collected the way you need it.

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    Infrastructure and amenities

    Use lidar and imagery to map utility objects: utility poles, fire hydrants, post boxes, fences, benches, etc.

What we use

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    We have a variety of professional survey hardware that we can use to collect the real-world data for you.

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    Intetics has excellent experience of work with equipment and processes of our customers. Our surveyors will master and use your hardware to collect the data you need.

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    We can develop a collection process for you. We’ll carefully analyze your needs, choose the best equipment, develop the workflow, create instructions for your workers and help you to implement it in your company.

Benefits we Deliver for Customer

  • Personal approach

    Analysis of your needs and best solution tailored just for your company

  • Cost savings

    Our mature processes, years of experience and constant automation of data collection process allow us to offer best in class prices for field data collection. Click here to get your quote

  • Pilot project option

    If you want to try and evaluate our service, we may perform a small-scale Pilot project for you

  • Quick start

    We can start field research within a week if needed

  • Turnkey solution design

    We can perform full-cycle projects for you, from data collection to the software solution that is based on them

  • Data processing services

    We can process collected data for you

Benefits we Deliver for Customer

  • Experienced field teams

    In-house teams with 5+ years’ experience of data collection in Europe and USA

  • Data QA during collection

    We control the quality of data during the collection, so that you receive the data of great quality and 100% completeness without delays

  • Stay informed

    You will get detailed weekly reports on the progress of data collection

  • GDPR compliance

    We are GDPR compliant company

  • Various pricing models

    You can choose a pricing model that is convenient for you: from T&M to fixed price per kilometer/point

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