The 2010 Sourcing Summit: developing mature outsourcing partnerships and driving innovation to deliver success

London (November 16-17, 2010) – Intetics announced its sponsorship of the 2010 Sourcing Summit, an annual event produced by the National Outsourcing Association.

After the economic downturn of 2008-2009, the increase in new and renewed contracts last year made 2010 an important year for the outsourcing industry. In the recovering business climate, outsourcing relationships have proven to be of great value. The 2010 Sourcing Summit brought together the world’s leading outsourcing suppliers, end users and support service providers for a two-day conference focusing on the latest innovations, trends and developments.

This must-attend event included formats such as high-level case studies, a best practice exchange, workshops and peer-to-peer networking discussions. The highly topical agenda considered the value of more open outsourcing relationships to a maturing industry. Intetics’ delegates, company President Boris Kontsevoi, and Marketing and Sales Director Eugene Sandulenko, attended the summit and presented a report “Culture differences in outsourcing deals: How to turn them to your advantage.” The speakers emphasized that different cultures provide a better fit to various areas of outsourcing and that the proximity of the business cultures is critical for long-term success. The report sparked the interest of many potential customers, and Intetics’ representatives were approached with requests for collaboration.

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