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Nearshore just got nearer — the new office for Western Europe

Intetics nearshore services are now closer than ever with the launch of the Intetics GmbH, the new branch office in Düsseldorf, Germany. Intetics GmbH opened its doors in September 2013 and will provide the same innovative resources and nearshore services to its European clients, with added benefits of its legal entity, convenience and proximity.

The opening of a new office is a direct result of Intetics’ efforts to improve its services, especially in Germany and Western Europe. The office will give the company an unprecedented level of presence in the region. More importantly, it will allow smaller companies, as well as German-only speaking companies to reap the benefits of the globalized markets.

Already, the European market accounts for almost one third of Intetics revenue, and it is likely to grow as the European demand for software outsourcing and nearshoring increases. The new office will allow German and European companies to acquire innovative software and stay cost-efficient, while working in closer proximity to their home offices with the guaranteed quality experience of Intetics.

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