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June 16, 2022 -the 2nd Webinar – Building and Transforming Your Applications into Serverless on AWS

Keynote Speakers

Matheus Arrais, 

AWS Sr. Partner Solutions Architect

Sergey Dudal,

Intetics PM/Cloud Solutions CoE Leader

About this talk

Running your applications on AWS gives you complete control, cost-benefit, and agility for your business. But many customers are using Amazon EC2 and AWS services that still need attention in operation and scalability, which sometimes deviate from your focus, your business application. Creation manually of the resources or don’t establish a pattern for the application are some examples of things that consume time and from which you are not taking real advantage of the cloud.

The purpose of this series is to:

  • demonstrate that production platforms can be built on top of serverless architecture
  • show a set of tools that can simplify business processes,
  • key features on AWS services,
  • and the main things to keep in mind when building serverless platforms in AWS.

In the second webinar, we will cover about options that the customers have for building a serverless application on AWS and the following topics:

  • Recap what is serverless and why it may be interesting for you
  • Serverless patterns architecture
  • Best practices for Building and Deploy:
    • Options for data in serverless applications
    • Next steps and go to the action

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