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Invitation to Discover IT Belarus in Belgium

On March 12th 2013 Intetics Co. in cooperation with the Flemish Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan and the law firm Van Hoorebeke Advokaten will host the Discover IT Belarus conference at the Warwick Barsey Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. The conference aims to connect IT executives with potential vendors as well as to promote outsourcing to Belarus.

The night-long event will feature seminars explaining the advantages of nearshore IT outsourcing to Eastern Europe. Belgian executives will have an opportunity to learn about nearshore outsourcing and the competitive advantages that a nearshore relationship offers. They can also meet potential Belarusian outsourcing vendors. The seminar presented by Intetics is tailored directly to IT decision-makers from companies located in the Benelux region. It will identify the most important reasons for choosing Eastern Europe as an outsourcing destination. This year’s conference will also provide information regarding the legal aspects of outsourcing, allowing executives to learn more about the legal side of partnerships between Belgian and Belarusian IT companies.

In addition to the information provided in the seminars, Discover IT Belarus offers a remarkable opportunity to network and find potential outsourcing business partners. Intetics representatives will be available all week to meet with interested clients and executives. The event is free of charge, although preliminary registration is required. If you’re interested in a personal meeting please feel free to contact us.

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