Intetics sponsors Fusion 2011 CEO-CIO Symposium

The Fusion 2011 CEO-CIO Symposium, which took place on March 2–3, 2011, was an interactive conference that provided world-class IT technology discussions. This year, Intetics was its supporting sponsor.

The symposium was mainly for the benefit of leading decision makers including CIOs, CEOs, COOs and CFOs of the IT industry. The networking sessions allowed the participants to discuss and exchange potential business solutions and strategies, openly share their professional problems and experiences, and discover new opportunities and challenges. The organizers of the conference aimed to inspire IT specialists as well as to raise the value of IT to respective companies and organizations. This year’s conference included a wide range of relevant and pressing topics such as IT Leadership, The Power of Integrating Business Strategy with Technology Solutions, Business Transformation in the Data Center, Business Analytics, How Emerging Technologies are Impacting the CIO, and Catalysts for CXO Collaboration.

The Fusion 2011 CEO-CIO Symposium engaged the most enthusiastic speakers to draw the participants into lively discussions. The conference is noncommercial, and its sole objective is to create networking opportunities for sharing invaluable information. According to attendees of the previous event, last year’s Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium was a highlight of the year, and this year’s Fusion continued to be a timely and relevant venue for IT leaders to discuss and communicate their ideas.

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