Intetics software engineers possess the Microsoft Certified Application Developer and Sun Java professional credentials

Thanks to the comprehensive training program that keeps the Intetics Co. staff abreast of IT tools, techniques, processes, and technologies, the company employees continue to accumulate professional certification accomplishments. As of today, four software engineers possess the Microsoft Certified Application Developer credential, six application developers have the Microsoft Certified Professional credential, and four specialists are certified Sun Java professionals. More Intetics’ employees are going to take professional certification exams soon.

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Intetics Inc. is an expert in creation and operation of effective distributed technology teams aimed at software product development, IT support, quality assurance and data processing. Based on a proprietary business model of Remote In-Sourcing®, advanced Quality Management Platform and measurable SLAs, Intetics enables IT rich, innovative organizations to capitalize on available global talent and Intetics’ in-depth engineering expertise. Our core know-how is rooted in design of software products within conditions of incomplete specifications.

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