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Intetics Launched an Official German Language Website

Intetics has finally learned to speak German! In April 2012, a German version of the Intetics official website was launched. This is an extraordinary step towards developing a bigger influence in the German market. German companies already account for almost a quarter of the Intetics’ total revenue. Launching a German language website will only bring the current German clients, potential partners and future leads closer to Intetics.

Already, the German demand for outsourcing is growing rapidly and they are increasingly looking towards Eastern Europe for their outsourcing needs. The German clients are markedly different from Intetics’ other customers, though they require utter perfection, the communication is generally easier since both sides use the non-native English language to converse. That is about to change. Intetics is looking forward to communicating their services in their clients’ native tongue to strengthen relationships not only with their current clients such as BurdaDigital,SpreadShirt, StudiVZ, TimeLink, and Global Air Net AG, but also be able to market to less English-oriented companies in the German speaking world.

German clients also seem to enjoy working with Intetics, suggesting that the high demand for perfection is often met. Matthias Spiess, CTO of Spreadshirt GmbH, indicates that “Intetics is an excellent outsourcing company. Their development process is well established and the quality of their work is consistently high. They know how to listen to their customers and to stand behind their work, and their rates are reasonable.” Matthias Kretschmer, the owner of Desk-Net GmbH, also recommends Intetics “as an excellent outsourcing software development supplier…They proved to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in all relevant aspects. We still use an Intetics team to support our product and continuously enhance its functionality and are very happy with the quality of the services provided.”

Intetics only hopes that the new website will ensure that current German clients stay while attracting new customers as well. The President of Intetics, Boris Kontsevoi, reflects that “The German market is very important to us, and up until now has been underdeveloped. The launch of the German language site will help us change that.” In the near future, we can expect a Russian version of the website to come out as well. Turns out, it really does pay to speak multiple languages.

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