Intetics Contributes to the Development of Wikimedia Community

Wikipedia has become an invaluable information resource across the world. It started with an impossible idea: to build a free encyclopedia for people and around the world. Seventeen years later, they’ve made some serious progress. Nearly 300 languages, more than 45 million articles, hundreds of millions of monthly readers, and millions of contributors over the years.

We are proud to be a supporter of Wikimedia Foundation, the non-for-profit organization that ensures its flagship product, Wikipedia, is well-maintained and ad-free.

In 2017 Wikipedia added 5 million new articles, which expanded the depth and usefulness of its knowledge base. They built safer communities online so that everyone can freely contribute to the world’s knowledge on Wikipedia. The organization awarded 392 grants to support free knowledge in 80 countries. These grants increased the visibility and participation of women on Wikipedia, and trained 1,357 community leaders to organize Wikipedia volunteers in their communities.

Today Wikipedia is more than a website where people go to find information. It is a movement of people and ideas who believe that knowledge should be open and freely shared and Intetics is proud to be a part of it for many years. We are happy to stand behind an online space that helps millions of people learn and share knowledge.

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