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Intetics CEO Reveals the Secrets behind His Global Sourcing Success

Boris Kontsevoi, the Founder and President of a leading global sourcing company Intetics, was interviewed by CEO IntroNet on Thursday, January 16th, 2014 at the CBS TV studios in Chicago. The interview focused on the importance of technology for social and business development, especially in the sphere of offshore outsourcing and Remote In-Sourcing. The interview put emphasis on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, especially as Internet and technology offer a great opportunity for entrepreneurs worldwide to begin their own global ventures.

Sitting in the CBS TV studio overlooking the Daley Plaza in Chicago, Boris Kontsevoi spoke about the early years of Intetics, the meaning behind the name, the benefits of moving the company from Belarus to USA, and the different type of outsourcing Intetics offers to their clients. Called Remote In-sourcing, Boris explained the concept behind the new outsourcing model: “It allows companies to acquire new remote resources like software development talent and intimately integrate them into their local teams. It’s engaging a third party vendor not to do the job instead of local staff, but to organize efficient, distributed teams and operate them.” The model takes full advantage of latest communication technologies but also guarantees more risk mitigation and control over outsourcing ventures.

Throughout the interview, Boris emphasized the importance of technology, especially the power of the Internet to bridge borders and break down global communication barriers. He informed starting entrepreneurs of the ease of creating a global presence in the current globalized environment, but also warned about the necessity to keep up with the ever-changing technological world. The interview will air on CBS2 Chicago on Sundays at 10am and can be seen on our corporate blog. You can find also full interview transcript there.

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