Intetics at Big Data Innovation Summit in Las Vegas

Intetics at Big Data Innovation Summit in Las Vegas

January 25th  and 26th  Intetics visited an internationally renowned Big Data Innovation Summit in Las Vegas held by the Innovation Enterprise. The event brought together 200 participants, speakers and world-class delegates to inspire, educate and provide unprecedented access to incredible networking opportunities. The summit is known for its interactive nature, connecting attendees with leading organisations, and offering a unique platform to share and discuss key challenges.

The 2 days’ event brought industry leaders together to discuss data analytics, data management, data security, data science, big data technologies and emerging algorithms.

Keynote speakers included Nicholas Marko Chief Data Officer & Director of Neurosurgical Oncology GEISINGER, who discussed “Actionable Data in Healthcare Trumps Big Data, Every Time”. Reza Rahimi Senior Staff Software Engineer (Office of CTO) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES, who is involved in transferring developed technology to Huawei enterprise product line, touched the topic of “Improving Technology through Big Research”.  Yves Bergquist Project Director, Data & Analytics, Entertainment Technology Center UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA delivered and in-depth discussion on Developing Systems and Processes through Culture.

“The speakers covered a multitude of the most pressing issues and challenges, data scientists face daily,” said Boris Kontsevoi, Intetics President and CEO. “The speakers` line-up left me inspired and with the depth of knowledge to drive Intetics team forward. I left the summit with a baggage of ideas and a bunch of interesting opportunities.”

Big Data Innovation Summit has quite literally travelled across the globe over the last 6 years. Today the event has educated over 15,000 data scientists and analytics executives through presentations, workshops, training sessions, panel discussions and more. The stage plays host to some of the world’s most exciting organisations including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, and has attracted attendees from a whole host of backgrounds.

*featured image by Innovation enterprise.

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