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Intetics as “The Globalization Enabler”

Intetics received the title of “The Globalization Enabler” in the 20th edition of Zillion International, a printed business magazine for international enterprises. The title emphasizes Intetics’ objective at becoming a ‘total’ developer and to direct their services at small and mid-sized companies. In this manner, Intetics plans on becoming one of the top ten outsourcing providers in Eastern Europe.

In an interview with the Zillion magazine, the company founder and president, Boris Kontsevoi, recounted the company’s early days in Belarus in 1995, revealing its original name “Client-Server Programs.” Although it has been over 15 years and the company was expanded to Czech Republic and the United States and eventually renamed Intetics, the firm has not lost its client-centered approach. The introduction of successful business models such as Offshore Dedicated Team® and Remote In-Sourcing®, coupled with a dedication to client’s needs and delivery of outstanding services, allowed the company to grow and become the number one Outsourcing Rising Star in the list of Top 100 Outsourcing Companies in the World compiled by IAOP.

Despite the slowdown of the economy in the past two years, the outsourcing companies are bouncing back quickly. International trade is expanding from trading tangible goods to intangible services. These services require access to the global labor market, yet small and mid-size companies often lack the resources and expertise to utilize these services. This is why Intetics is determined to enable smaller companies to take advantage of global labor pools, without the complexity these companies may otherwise face. Intetics’ relentless commitment to customer satisfaction is what allows it to share globalization with many smaller actors across the world.

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