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Employees name Intetics “Best for Career”

The second annual contest “Best IT Companies to Work for in Belarus”, allowing Belarusian IT employees to evaluate their own companies, ended on May 31st 2012. The results revealed that Intetics employees consider their company to have the best conditions for professional and career development, earning it the title of “Best for Career”.

In the Villa Lantre Banquet Hall, in Minsk, Belarus, 23 companies were pitted against each other for the title of the Best IT Company to Work for in 2012. The “Best” categories were divided by size, and for companies whose employees exceeded 50 people, additional categories of “Best for Career”, “Best for Projects”, “Fair Deal” and “Work Environment” were added.

Intetics employees indicated that in terms of career growth and professional education, Intetics was the best company in Belarus. Intetics continually evaluates its staff motivation and qualifications that in turn allows the staff to have a clear vision of their future in the company. Intetics also seeks to continually invest in personal development and expertise of its staff by organizing internal seminars, having employees undergo specialized training and certification programs from Microsoft, Sun and other software developers, as well as participating in IT conferences worldwide.

The total of 2406 surveys collected, constitutes almost 15% of all IT specialists working in Belarus. In the surveys, companies were evaluated based on ten basic factors: Image, The Management, The Leaders, The Team, Day to day tasks, Project work, Professional development and education, Career growth, Salary, Social Package and non-monetary bonuses, and Comfort.

The analysis of the results was done using factor analysis, in other words, evaluating the relationship of individual factors to the overall satisfaction with the company. Based on the opinions of the people who work there every day, the anonymous surveys paint a holistic picture of the comfort and quality of the IT companies in Belarus. Intetics is delighted to find out that its employees appreciate the career opportunities it provides as it continues to improve its workplace environment.

The country-wide survey was launched in 2011 and received such positive feedback that it is bound to turn into an annual event. It collects anonymous information from the registered companies’ employees and produces not only a hierarchical ranking of the quality of the work places that is used by programmers searching for jobs, the survey also collects demographic information about the state of the industry as a whole. This year, a brand new addition to the categories was also the Expert Opinion category. Famous Russian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian IT experts evaluated the Belarusian companies with outsider’s eyes as well. More information about the ranking categories, methodology, as well as statistical data can be found at

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