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CIO-CEE Prague Conference 2012

Intetics Co. attended the CIO-CEE 2012 Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic on November 8th and 9th 2012. The goal of the conference was to share the latest industry insights and provide information for CIOs to better manage their IT systems. Among the featured speakers was the Intetics president and founder Boris Kontsevoi, who informed the audience about the evolution of sourcing models over the past two decades.

The main purpose of the conference is to bridge the gap between the IT and business worlds. It is a platform that allows peers to share their knowledge of the IT industry, help CIOs achieve business efficiency and improve current IT systems. Sourcing is one of the best ways to improve process and innovate but also achieve cost reductions. Kontsevoi’s presentation explained the need for sourcing and described the best models that manage the risks associated with outsourcing IT. The latest business model that offers least amount of risk is Remote In-sourcing, which offers all the benefits of in-sourcing but using a third party provider. Compared to more traditional outsourcing models, Remote In-sourcing addresses the majority of outsourcing risks and enables the use of all outsourcing benefits, which makes it the best choice for most sourcing needs.

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