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Belarus Legalized Cryptocurrency to Become a Global Crypto Hub

Belarus has entered the list of countries supporting blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The news outlets reported about the signing the law that legalizes cryptocurrencies and initial coin offering (ICOs) tokens in the country.

Given this and the favorable environment in the country, Belarus has become a lucrative location. The entrepreneurs and the investors planning to make the most of the cryptocurrency get excellent opportunities to create bitcoin mines in our country. It is also expected that some miners are likely to transfer their existing mines to Belarus.

The law gives the go-ahead to the cryptocurrency exchange. It moves Belarus towards the implementation of the Digital Economy and adoption of top-level technologies.

“The decree/law provides for the introduction into civil circulation of cryptocurrencies and tokens based on the technology of blockchain. A comprehensive legal regulation is proposed so that HTP residents can provide crypto exchange services, exchange cryptocurrencies, attract financing through ICOs, [and] use cryptocurrencies and tokens in civil circulation,” as per the statement provided by the High-Tech Park.

By giving the green light to cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, Belarus becomes one of the leading contributors to the cryptocurrency market and leaves the geographical neighbors behind.

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