Boris Kontsevoi is a technology executive, President and CEO of Intetics Inc., a global software engineering and data processing company.
Today, the demand for simplicity reigns supreme in web design. When a potential client looks for a solution to a problem, it is vital to ensure optimal website speed as well as a level of UX that provides all the required information in a maximum of three clicks. There has been a huge shift towards websites with a lot of white space, minimal graphics and simple navigation. Psychologically, it makes sense: During the lockdown, many peoples' lives became smaller and simpler. With surmounting stress, internet users craved calm environments. "Mindful web design" — an approach that embraces clean designs, simplicity and manageable chunks of information — became a huge trend.
With COVID, distributed development makes even more sense, as 2020's economic disruption rocked the globe, and we still haven't fully recovered.

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