Nowadays, many people are familiar with or have real experience working with AWS. But from our experience, many of them are still running their workload on EC2 instances, don’t have full continuous deployment, use Jenkins, manually create all resources, and use a single AWS account for test and prod workload. It is a long list. This is the first presentation from a series on Serverless.

The purpose of this series is to:

  • demonstrate that production platforms can be built using the serverless approach,
  • show a set of tools that can simplify lives,
  • key features on AWS services,
  • and the main things to keep in mind when building serverless platforms in AWS.

This presentation is the very first of the series. Here we will speak about the value proposition of using serverless on AWS and will cover the following topics: what’s serverless, tradeoffs, common patterns, and available services.

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Presented by
Matheus Arrais

AWS Sr. Partner Solutions Architect

Sergey Dudal

Intetics PM/Cloud Solutions CoE Leader