Get Inspiration for a Smarter World. Examine Digitalization in Cities, Trends in Robotics, and GeoSpatial AI Applications.

INTERGEO’s motto is “Inspiration for a Smarter World,” which is certainly reflected in its yearly conference. Cutting-edge tech topics will be covered, including smart city sustainability and digitalization, strategic use of geodata, innovations of BIM (Building Information Modeling), and much more.

From September 21 – 23, INTERGEO 2021 will be hosted in Hannover, Germany; it will also be streamed on a digital platform. At the EXPO STAGE, viewers will receive expert knowledge and best practices on the aforementioned topics.  Throughout presentations, visitors can interact with speakers in real-time through chat; there will also be Q&A sessions and real-time translation into several languages.

Alexander Tretyakov and Anastasiia Hrinchenko, both from Intetics, will be attending the INTERGEO EXPO from September 21 – 23.

We look forward to seeing you there – and if you can’t make it to Germany, we hope you can tune in digitally!

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Meet the Intetics team September 21-23
Dr. Alexander Tretyakov
Business Development Director,

Digital and Geo Solutions

Anastasiia Hrinchenko

Senior Software Business Consultant