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What can software developers do for manufacturing leaders?

Following the Industrial Revolution, perhaps a third of the world’s economic output is derived from manufacturing industries and the demand for top quality product on time is never a dead horse. Manufacturing of precise instruments and analytical equipment requires a lot of IT solutions and innovative software. This is because of the nature of the business and modern requirements for success. Trying to remain competitive reducing costs and increasing profitability while competing various obstacles like economic fluctuations, skilled labor shortages and others, is not an easy task for manufacturers. And that’s when efficiency comes to the fore.

Sure one needs to keep pace with modern technologies like cloud, mobile, predictive analytics or location based solutions on a variety of IT platforms from Microsoft .NET, through enterprise and mobile Java, to Open Source PHP and Ruby on Rails, and mobile and embedded programming. DIY, locally or with the help of internal IT team is not always a way, taking into account the resources availability limitation and lack of actual experience.

IT outsourcing market in Eastern Europe provides a great IT talent pool and Belarus and Ukraine have proved their mathematical mindset nature, essential characteristics for design and implementation of advanced software solutions for manufacture sector. Whatever the challenge is, operating complex data processing center, visualization and maintenance software for electronic precise measuring devices or full product design for data security and encryption, Intetics already has experience helping companies of different size and on both continents – USA and Europe – Snap-On, Biomet, S&C Electric, CheckPoint, Nokia, Knauer, Mettler Toledo, Rupp & Hubrach to name a few.

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