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Industry 4.0 and Why There’s a Need for an Effective CRM Software

Guest post by Alma Causey

Industry 4.0 is the new face of manufacturing sector where automation and technology combine uniquely. While previous revolutions were meant to enhance digital capabilities and liberate humankind from the shackles of animal power, this change is different. It brings forth a technological space that fuses the physical, biological and digital domains and impacts almost all areas of the economy.  In this system, the manufacturing mechanisms are not only connected to draw information from the physical to the digital world, but they go one step further and set programs for digital analysis too. That digital information helps to drive further intelligent action in the physical world.


As the fourth industrial revolution unfolds and the world steps into an era marked with major transformations, it is vital to note the following features that tag along with the new developments:

  • The internet-enabled smart devices interface with each other and human beings
  • Data analysis and virtual models make it possible to obtain and solve production issues
  • Flawless service provision to the companies and individual customers through the Cloud
  • Factory modules can expand or replace themselves

Such autonomous digital activity inevitably affects the way a company engages with its customers and tries to meet their demands. Today, the customers hold a powerful position due to intense levels of connectivity that comes from digital media. Instead of just using a product, they want to build relationships with brands. The relationship between manufacturers and customers stands on completely different grounds where the latter demands more information, access, interaction, and assistance.

On the other hand, connected technologies open up more avenues for the manufacturers where they can strive to improve efficiency and enhance customer experiences. It helps them ensure customer retention and overall provision of service-driven value.

Given the dynamism of industry and a notable shift towards the customer-centric setup, the need for Customer Relationship Management has become more important than ever. It is the process that involves tracking and evaluating all interactions with the customers. CRM software works as a tool to centralize, simplify, measure, and secure engagement with customers.

Here are a few reasons that show why the need for CRM Software has amplified with the fourth industrial revolution:

An accurate forecast of demand

Correct prediction of customer demand is extremely important in the radical industries such as high-tech, retail, and electronics. The CRM software can aid manufacturers to save the time it takes to develop a product from conceptual stages until it reaches the market. This system allows for an enhanced forecast of demands along with improved production information. It also acts as a tool that enables a company to adapt faster and act smart. They can make sure their products reach the market before their rivals. Eventually, they are successful at gaining a competitive edge in the market.

An intelligent supply chain

There are multiple examples of how failure to simplify and optimize business operations has led to complex and costly implications such as a detrimental impact on the company’s expected ROI. Integrating CRM software in smart factories can provide the manufacturers with useful insights into operations, inventory management, storage, processing orders, and distribution channels. Having a smart supply chain setup can, therefore, bring outstanding results. It facilitates the firm to handle production schedules with efficiency, maintain supply materials as per the requirement and quickly move the products from the site to the market.

Better quality products

A rule of survival in the manufacturing sectors is that each entity has to produce excellent quality products all the time if they wish to remain in business. The products that are below average or do not satisfy the customers lead to a bad market reputation. As a consequence, the customers are not pleased, there is a reduction in sales, and a major decline in revenue generation takes place. Hence, it is rightful to declare that in the current dramatic transformation of the manufacturing sector, companies are in dire need of CRM Software. A fully functioning CRM empowers the company to collect and analyze data from multiple resources. They can figure out process errors and product defects in real time.

Improves relationship with customers

Through the integration of data from offline as well as online sources, manufacturers obtain a better understanding of their customers. It allows them to adopt a more holistic approach towards their customers and understand their expectations from initial inquiry to purchase and finally to the usage of their product/service. The Industry 4.0 compels each organization to restructure their sales procedure, build long-term customer relationships and win more deals with a powerful CRM in place. Nowadays, many professional agencies are providing freelance CRM services. For example, the Salesmate CRM is a professional agency that helps businesses gain correct insight, sell products quickly and deliver personalized experiences to each customer.

In light of all these details, we can conclude that CRM Software is indeed a valuable marketing tool that will allow companies to gain new followers and retain their customers for a prolonged time. As the industries become overly independent, there is no way that a company can stay on top of the charts if they refuse to be flexible.

CRM is a tool that enables marketing departments to make detailed reports according to the customers’ changing preferences. It also makes it possible for the customer support department to help out the customer immediately. The software also helps to improve the product quality, add more value to it and lift the operation procedures over time. The fourth industrial revolution has indeed taken the manufacturing sector by storm, and if a business intends to thrive through it, they must incorporate a CRM Software that streamlines their business operations.

About the Author

Alma Causey is a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health-related issues. Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover.

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