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IAOP Europe Week, a great initiative for the outsourcing industry worldwide

IAOP representatives and Intetics VP, Serge Stepantsov

“Outsourcings Global Value and an Overview of the Industry in Eastern Europe” became the topic of the IAOP Europe Week, which took part in Kiev this June.

The representatives of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® together with the heads of leading Ukrainian companies met together to hear about Lessons Learned from the 2013 World Summit followed by several presentations of IT and Real Estate Companies. All the presentations were welcomed with the great interest and the limited time frame of the event could hardly allow all the questions to be answered.

Serge Stepantsov, VP Business Development of our company was the one to present Intetics and speak about Eastern Europe as the Leading Region for Innovative Software Development. The idea of Serge’s presentation was to illuminate the growing reliance of Western companies on Eastern European software engineers in order to resolve complex software development projects at a competitive cost of Ukraine and Belarus.

As one of the main organizer of the event Intetics was proud to observe the working activity running on during the networking session as well. Speaking about the IAOP event in Kiev, one can absolutely agree with the President of our company, Boris Kontsevoi, who finds the IAOP Europe Week to be a great initiative because it allows outsourcing professionals worldwide to meet industry leader, and share their experience and latest trends of the outsourcing industry.

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