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How TDD and BDD can help to make the software products better

Do you agree that the idea to produce quality software with minimum bugs is very proper? We think that the answer is “Yes”. Do you agree that new software product should meet all customer’s requirements? We also think that the answer is “Yes”. Do you agree that the testing results on the early stages of the software development life cycle could be very useful?

If your answer to the third question were also “Yes” then you probably would like so-called Test-First approach to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In this approach, the SDLC is effectively changed and the testing stage is put before the actual development. In that way, the development team is focused on the requirements and testing and the testing results are available on the early stages of the software development process.

Because the task of producing quality software and detecting bugs on the early stages of the development process is really very essential for the development teams, the group of software development techniques that are focused on testing become increasingly popular and widely used. Test-Driven development  (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) are the most famous representatives of this group. Both of them follow the main principles of the Test-First approach but do it in a different manner.

If you’re interested in this topic, please read our article on Software testing news. You`ll learn about :

  • What is the Test-First approach comparing with the Traditional (Waterfall) approach to the SDLC
  • What are the main stages of the TDD and BDD
  • What is the Red -Green -Refactor cycle
  • What is the Specification by Examples and how to write the User-Stories in the Given-When-Then format
  • How the development teams could use TDD and BDD to their advantages
  • Some difficulties and limitations of using these approaches.

Intetics team will be happy to contribute to your project.

GIVEN. Intetics have a lot of experience of running different types of the projects.

And Our experienced developers, testers, analytics have the competence to work using different approaches of the software development.

WHEN. Customer asks as to produce new software development product.

THEN. We sign up the contract.

And immediately start to work.

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