Infographic: A Brief History of Software Development Methodologies

by Olga Oleksandrova

The history of software development methodologies dates back to 1950s. Until then terms like “framework” and “approach” did not actually exist. Those days systems development lifecycle was considered as the only formalized methodology framework. The main objective of this methodology in the 1960s was “to develop large-scale functional business systems in an age of large-scale business conglomerates. Information systems activities revolved around heavy data processing and number crunching routines”.

However … since that very moment when the technology entered the life of humans, it took the hectic pace. Software engineers endeavored greatly to create and implement development methods that would accelerate development, make the process more productive, reorganize activities. Here at Intetics, we love to know how it all was, we love the details, though it may seem a bit nerdy. We created a history timeline that shines the light on the story of software development methodologies.


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