Custom Software Development: Build Your Product

Thoughtful, high-quality software
applications for your business. Guaranteed with Predictive Software Engineering.

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Custom Software Development

Making software engineering predictive

Andy took a sip of morning coffee and had an idea. Wrote it on a napkin, sent it to Intetics, and had a working software prototype by end of the week.

We deliver software engineering excellence with the best custom software development services and solutions that turn your business puzzles into functional, award-winning products. Our core strength lies in designing software products from ground up. We close the gap between your idea and shortage of qualified talent. Our Predictive Software Engineering development framework, unparallel quality approach, and vast business domain knowledge, plus more than 25 years experience guarantees you gain a technology advantage and product leadership.

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Remote In-Sourcing®: Create Your Team

Take advantage of our next-gen method of building expert development teams for your software engineering and data processing projects.

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Remote In-Sourcing®

We build efficient teams that build your technology

Han needed more resources. Scaling locally wasn’t fast enough. Outsourcing left them unsatisfied with quality, training, and control of their teams. Then, they found Remote In-Sourcing®.

We build efficient teams that build your technology
We help you optimize performance and accelerate time to market by delivering scalable agile software development and data processing teams that are coherently integrated with your in-house staff. Capitalize on access to the best global talent with in-depth software engineering expertise and extensive industry experience and get a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

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TETRA™: Assess Your Software

Use our Award-Winning Software Product Quality Assessment & Technical Debt Reduction Platform to advance your software systems.

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See your product from the inside

Bob’s update crashed the app before a client demo, flushing $100M down the drain. Don’t be Bob. Reduce your application’s technical debt before anything catastrophic happens, with TETRA™.

Utilizing our deep experience in software engineering and understanding the business objectives of applications in various industries, we created a unique set of tools and techniques called TETRA™ to assess quality levels of your systems and products from both the technical and business sides. We perform an in-depth audit and assessment of your product in order to measure technical debts, evaluate product efficiency, and rate compliance with industry standards. We also implement the “right” software processes in your organization to improve time to market and increase proficiency of your developers.

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All-Things-Digital: Modernize Your

Modern digital solutions based on Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, AI/ML, IoT, RPA, Chatbot, Blockchain, Drone and Geospatial technologies for your business rapid digital transformation.

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Your Tomorrow Delivered Today

“AI should be doing this for me!” Sam exclaimed, “We’d be a market leader!” But, after seeing salaries of AI teams, almost gave up hope. That changed when they found Intetics, who brought their systems into the 21st+ century.

Transform your business through leading digital technologies and innovative technical talent. Get optimized business results, new channels for profitability increases, and enhanced customer excitement with new technology products and services which lead to a competitive advantage and much higher value of your company. Capitalize on our Centers of Excellence of Cloud and DevOps, Data Science and Big Data, Machine Learning and AI, Internet of Things, CX/UI/UX design, Geospatial, GIS and LBS solutions, UAV/drones, Low Code, Chatbots and Conversational Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and more.

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