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Desk-Net Implemented a Complex Solution in Compliance With GDPR That Was Developed and Managed by Its Outsourcing Partner – Intetics Inc.

Desk-Net is evolving into a workflow management tool to coordinate workflows across multiple systems, such as headless CMS or Digital Asset Management tools.

For years they have strived a lot to be subjected to stringent German data protection regulations before GDPR.

Moreover, the Desk-Net team wanted to outsource the tool’s software development, maintenance, and operations. 

Finally, their requirements were satisfied by the outsourcing partner and complied with GDPR. 

Despite all the faced obstacles, the Desk-Net’s system reached 200+ clients with 20K+ monthly active users.

To know what precise measures the two Parties took, discover the website page “Desk-Net and the GDPR.”

More about the benefits and results of the developed cloud-based multifunctional platform for editorial management follow with the complete Case Studies.