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Belarus ahead of India and USA in per capita exports of computer services

Volume of Belarus per capita exports of computer services exceeded those of USA and India. Based on last year’s export data, Belarus computer services exports reached $60 USD per capita, meanwhile the same export indicators in USA and India were $36 USD and $41 USD respectively.

In 2013 the total amount of computer services exports in Belarus exceeded $480 million USD. “Belarus has all the right pre-requisites for the development of a succesful IT industry,” said Dmitry Shedko, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Communications and Information. “Most notably, these conditions include an outstanding education system that continually provides a talent pool of well-qualified IT specialists. The country also has an organized, high quality telecommunications infrastructure. Finally, it has a favorable legal framework that provides a number of tax benefits.”

Belarus is the only country among members of its customs union (which includes Russia and Kazakhstan) with a positive balance in computer services. The number has grown rapidly over the past 5 years.

“It’s important to understand that behind these numbers is the hard work of thousands of people; it’s not just one isolated project. The numbers represent a systematic process and reflect Belarusian professionalism that is valued all over the world. It’s the incremental movement of Belarus towards world-class recognition. In the last few years our country has ‘increased its weight’ not only based on the volume of computer services exports, but also in other parts of the IT industry. For these reasons it’s reasonable to expect that Belarus will be among the top 30 countries in 2015 with the highest level of IT technology development,” Shedko notes.

The Belarus High Technologies Park (HTP) is the biggest exporter of computer services in Belarus. HTP Belarus is a government-supported organization that promotes the well-being of the IT industry in Belarus and consists of companies and organizations working in the IT industry. InteticsBel became a resident of HTP Belarus in 2010. In 2013 the exports from HTP was $446.7 million USD, accounting for more than 80% of country’s overall computer services exports. In the first 6 months of 2014, HTP members exported $246.1 million USD.

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