Intetics Helps a Leading Provider of K-12 Data Management Systems Improve Special Education Programs Across USA

Intetics Helps a Leading Provider of K-12 Data Management Systems Improve Special Education Programs Across USA

Quick Facts

10+ years of continuous cooperation

45% development cost saving

13 US states covered and growing



Expand the product offering of a data management provider with a product to help schools and districts automate Individual Education Planning (IEP) forms management and enhance Medicaid programs. Provide better service to students, and remain government compliant.



The provider of K-12 data management and analytics tools wanted to expand the range of its products with a new solution. To expand the product with the new functionality and launch it in new school districts the Client needed a tech partner who can rapidly perform system modernization and carry out data management tasks.


The Client tapped Intetics for the comprehensive experience in software development and systems integration.

Having analyzed the Client’s requirements, Intetics created an Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT®) of software engineers following its Remote In-Sourcing business model. The team became responsible for the system architecture, database and software development, testing, and data entry.

After the modernization of the existing application, Intetics launched the development of new product features. They were created as modules that lately were integrated into the product.

The system helps schools organize the process of students’ checkups and allows creating & managing of the Individualized Education Plans.

This includes automated filling out health forms, scanning and recognizing the paper-filled forms if necessary,  IEP management, smart scheduling of activities, reporting, success tracking, timing, billing for medical services, student transportation management, and billing. The interface is adapted for easy use and access by medical professionals and district administrators. The product also ensures the compliance with Medicaid governmental requirements, since all the activities and forms are automatically verified against state-specific rules.

  1. The client is now able to concentrate on business requirements, customers, and quality service, not technical details.
  2. School districts can manage special education programs with better sc
    heduling options, improved Medicaid access, and document automation.
  3. The product developed by Intetics has turned into a  high-quality technological platform for business development and serves as a major migration platform for related Client’s projects.
  4. The platform was made to meet the requirements of HIPAA and numerous local compliance certificates.
  5. Individual Education Plans accurately streamline, create, and control the process of students’ checkups.

“Intetics is helping us expand our product line and provide a more sophisticated and robust data management solution to school districts. This system helps save time and money, and improves the efficiency of special education programs across the country.”



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Benefits and Results


  • In the result of cooperation with Intetics, the Client expanded its product offering and managed to improve product time to market.
  • The Client’s offering has become a complete solution that satisfies school districts’ special education documentation needs and helps claim Medicaid benefits.
  • Our client now offers a large variety of digital services that couldn’t be technically supported previously. Despite the implementation of multiple tech innovations, the Client’s services remain cost-efficient.
  • Intetics has become Client’s long-term partner, who continues providing timely and fully functional product improvements, modernizes the system and dramatically expands the system’s functionality.


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