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On Earth Day 2021, Intetics Talks About Its Impact on the Environment and its World-Changing Solutions

It’s high time to protect the Earth and take collective actions for the good of the world! At Intetics, we care about the planet, blending geographic insight with the functionality of the latest eco-software. Together, we can develop the next software solution for geodata processing.

“With these cases, we want to demonstrate strategic thinking and collaboration that can help solve some of the most pressing issues and environmental challenges facing the world today. It’s all about taking action. Intetics’s key strength lies in our flexibility and readiness for new challenges,” says Pavel Yalovol, Delivery Director at Intetics. 

A strong desire to offset environmental issues drove our dedication to help our Client implement GIS solutions.

Intetics helps reduce congestion and, thus, air pollution by building and updating the Client’s parking maps, saving people millions of hours on looking for a parking spot.

The same applies to building navigation maps and helping our clients create detailed 3D models of road junctions (people can more easily find their destination and spend less time on the road – which, in turn, reduces pollution).

In another case, a national park wanted to improve its rare species management capabilities. The park also wanted to decrease the amount of fieldwork required and analyze the maximum amount of a coastal area. They needed a partner capable of deriving an accurate statistical model that would give reliable predictions of plant growth.

Intetics provided a working version of the Cadastre web-mapping application in the shortest possible time, showing Ukraine’s protected areas.

The Intetics team created a complete training solution for the Danube Biosphere Reserve, which was relevant and cost-effective. It was designed and taught by working GIS professionals, delivering exceptional value to participants. The Reserve’s staff will be able to leverage GIS technology in the future management of the Reserve’s vast territory.

The solution developed by Intetiсs helps to track the efficiency of agricultural land use in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. For example, it is capable of tracking irrigation efficiency and land use as intended, maintaining the balance of minerals and fertilizers, and avoiding soil depletion.  

 Due to working with Intetics, the Kharkiv Department of Ecological Inspections was able to better monitor violations in a large national park area. The Intetics team developed the new application and integrated it with the Department’s existing databases. The application added more efficiency to the Department’s day-to-day functions, and it was cost-effective and easily maintained. Intetics additionally conducted a technical feasibility analysis for crowdsourcing violation information in the future. Based on this project’s success, the Department asked Intetics to develop another application to monitor the park’s biodiversity.

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